The Values Foundation is an independent non-profit organization established in February 1998 by Mrs. Antonina Stoyanova. The Foundation has come into being in response to the national call to safeguard and develop the Bulgarian values inherent to our national identity. These values have helped our nation survive through the centuries and create unique artistic and cultural achievements.

The Mission of the Foundation is to promote the traditional Bulgarian values and assist and present the Bulgarian achievements of art, culture and science a part of the European values.

Values Foundation has implemented among others the following projects:

1. Macro project “Women in the 21st Century”
Stages of the project:
• Organizing the First International Conference “Women in the 21st Century: Transcending the Boundaries of Sustainable Development in Southeastern Europe”, which brought together 150 participants from 15 countries with the honorary guest Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the then First Lady of USA
• Implementation of “Women Leaders Initiative for South Eastern Europe: a dialogue for action”- aimed at reinforcement the role of women and their empowerment as local and regional leaders in the building of democratic society. The initiative was supported by the First Ladies of Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Slovenia, and by spouses of the prime ministers of Turkey and Greece

2. The National History Competition, has started in 1999, as an initiative and allowing students from 8th to 12th classes from various schools to conduct independent historical research. It is a part of the European network of competitions in national history - EUSTORY, uniting 25 countries. The objective of the Competition is to arise young people interest in history of their country and the region they live in and to provoke research work. Until today we have ten successful editions with more than 1500 participants. At the beginning of March 2017 we announced the 10th round of the Competition with the topic: “Family stories from the time of the communist regime”.

3. The Foundation realized successfully many projects in the area of art, which include organizing concerts and art exhibitions, meeting the highest standards of Bulgarian audience and promote the creative exchange of ideas and experiences between artists. These include Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra Concert conducted by Emil Tabakov with the participation of Alexandrina Milcheva and, Nicolai Gyaurov, Salon of the Arts, Sofia Summer - participants of young Bulgarian musicians studying abroad.

4. Values Foundation has organized many exhibitions and concerts abroad, representing the high standart of the Bulgarian art and culture - Dechko Ouzounov exhibition in Cyprus, Days of Bulgarian culture in Budapest, an exhibition of works of contemporary Bulgarian painters in Dublin, a charity gala concert at St Michael and St. Gudule in Brussels performed by Mincho Minchev.


• Assist the development of Bulgarian art and culture and enrich the process of opening them to the European models and the world;
• Promote the achievements of the Bulgarian heritage and presenting them abroad as a contribution to the universal values and progress;
• Support the inclusion of young people with outstanding achievements in different fields of science and arts in prestigious programs;
• Participate in international projects in the field of education, science and art jointly with governmental and other non-governmental organizations with similar objectives by developing a network for exchange of information and co-operation;
• Support the Bulgarian art and culture and promote their achievements abroad.