Fourth National History Competition

“The Family History and the Vicissitudes of the XX Century”

The Values Foundation announced the topic of 4th Edition of Bulgarian History Competition “The Family History and the Vicissitudes of the XX Century” in December 2004. Experts from the scientific council, organizational committee and the jury chose the above-mentioned topic because it provides a new reading of the XX century history – the one of the family history as an evidence of the its dynamics and diversity. The family history is a personification of the national or world events and it could reveal different interesting themes for research.

Specialists who have researched different vicissitude moments in the Bulgarian history and their influence on everyday life elaborated the traditional information materials – a magazine and a brochure. The magazine contains results from the Third Bulgarian History Competition, information about the EUSTORY events, materials for the new topic, methodical instructions. The high quality of the magazine was a result also of the professional pre-print work accomplished in kind by the Prosveta Publishing House.

The information materials were distributed to the 28 regional educational inspectorates and to schools all over the country with the co-operation of the Ministry of Education and Science. The newspapers “Az Buki”, “Uchitelsko Delo”, Hristo Botev Radio, Europe TV, regional archives, museums, and libraries contributed to the popularization of the competition.

In spring 2005 informational seminars in Sofia, Gabrovo, Vratza, Stara Zagora, Targovishte, Pernik, Burgas were held. A good practice proved to be the use of trained tutors participated in EUSTORY summer academies and Values Foundation’s seminars.

The Internet web site of the Bulgarian Competition was renovated, on which could be found information about the participation conditions, awards, working materials, EUSTORY events in Bulgarian and in English.

Since March 2005 the Ministry of Education and Science officially approved the Statute of the Bulgarian History Competition.

284 students took part in the 4th round of the Bulgarian History Competition and handed 197 contributions. More than 50% of the research works are done with tutor. The number of participating girls is predominant.

We have made an additional topic classification, which divides the contributions into the following main topic groups:

Thematic Group
Number of Competition Entries
Political Changes
Ethnical Groups
Life Stories
Family History
Dobrudja Case
Revival Process
Anti-Fascist Resistance
Brigade Movement

The jury under the chairmanship of Prof. Lubomir Ognyanov from Sofia University and members Lubov Filipova, Vanya Elenkova, Dr. Rositza Stoyanova, ass. prof. Vesselin Yanchev, Dr. Mihail Gruev nominated 25 research papers and after a public defence on 5th April 2006 defined the 15 prize-winners.


The 4th edition of the competition was under the auspices of the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Science Mr. Daniel Valchev. The award ceremony was held on 27th May 2006 in the National History Museum in Sofia. The Vice-Minister of Education and Science Mrs. Ekaterina Vitkova handed over the prizes. Nina Koritarova from Dupnitza won the First Prize for her work about the nationalization period in Bulgaria after 1945.


 The official monetary award fund was one 1st prize, two 2nd, three 3rd, 9 encouraging prizes and 6 awards for tutors. All winners within the frameworks of the official prize fund were invited with their tutors to the prestigious ceremony, as well as the students awarded with special prizes. The institutions that have provided the additional prizes were: Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgarian Teacher’ Union, National Agency of Archives, Military Publishing House, Department of Information and In-service training of Teachers – Sofia, Organisation of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”, History teachers association, Sofia Ecclesiastical Academy, Publishing Houses “Prosveta” and “Trud”, Faculty of Theory and History of Culture to the Sofia University, History Institute to the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

After the ceremony the awarded students with prize-winning tutors went to Bankya, near Sofia, for a two-day seminar on the topic “Faith or Personal Choice: Being in the History versus Being the History”, which was organised in co-operation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation-Bulgaria.

The first seminar day included two discussion panels with lecturers Mrs. Woidelko, Executive Director of EUSTORY, Mr. Emil Koshlukov, Leader of the New Time political party, Mr. Hristo Panchugov, Director of Democratic Institute Foundation. Main topics discussed were personal choice – before and now, European values and youth. During the second day the participants were divided into two working groups defending the theses: “We are “doing” the history and we are managing our faiths” versus “There is no free will but only faith”.

About 100 students and tutors were awarded with book prizes and all participants in the competition received a diploma.

The Fourth Bulgarian National History Competition was organizes with the support of Koerber Foundation, Open Society Institute-Sofia, A. G. Leventis Foundation, “Bioprograma”, “Unitemp” and in the co-operation with Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture, National Agency of Archives, Teachers’ Informational and Development Department- Sofia, Prosveta Publishing House.