Human resource development

 “Human resource development” project

The social policy of the Values Foundation rests on the understanding that people are the fundamental and most valuable resource of every organisation. Therefore, aiming to enhance its capacity and ability to engage with socially important and sensitive issues, Values Foundation successfully applied for funding within the EU operational programme “Human resource development” 2014-2020: “Improving access to employment and job quality".

The Foundation aims to extend the employment of at least six of the employees for the duration of twelve months after the closure of the project, and to provide a suitable work environment by purchasing equipment necessary for the successful work process and professional performance, as well as for the needs of the educational programmes included in the project.
The outcomes of the project include the opening of twelve new workplaces and their resource provisioning will enable long-term employment, higher success rate of the work of the Foundation and will facilitate its stable structure. The new workplaces are occupied by six unemployed young people (up to 29-years old), one unemployed or inactive person over the age of 54, and five unemployed or inactive people aged between 30 and 54. Among the aims of the project are: achievement of higher and better employment; reduction of poverty and promotion of social inclusion; modernization of the public policies.

The project entails educational activities for all newly employed persons: language skills, “foreign language communication”, in English, and “digital competence” course in software and computer programmes required for the activities of the Foundation.

Values Foundation will provide work places for a number of the current employees after the closing date of the project and will therefore extend its operational capacity and will continue to work towards improving the access to employment and job quality.

Project coordinator:

Kristiana Hristova, email: