The Task

Seventh National History Competition (2012-2013)
"The Tolerance of Bulgarian Nation-Together despite Differences"

The object of your research work could be events or personal live, which interpretations have not been always synonymous. They could be examples of change to give a meaning to the past. The events that you will explore could be of national significance, but should also be a part of the life of the smaller communities or a family. To make your research you can use public and private archives. Compare the stories of contemporaries with information from the official press, which often represents the official propaganda.

Be curious not only about what happened in the Past, but how we remember it. Collect facts that are not well known, establish contacts, conduct interviews. The aim of your competition work is not only to gather some facts, opinions, etc., but also to compare, to check and critically analyze the information.

The next step is to analyze all the collected information and to write how your facts show the connections between the Past and the Present. Is there a change in the understanding of past events? The Present determines how we relate to the Past and what parts of it remember, so it may be that in your stories will attend both Past and Present. What we want to remember depends on the trills and troubles of the Present. Memory is a look at the Past that belongs to the Present and brings his charge by perceptions, interpretations, evaluations Therefore, memory is multifaceted.

Memory is subject to the reasons for this, it will sometimes "forget", modify or deny the details of the Past. If you find what is forgotten and the expense of what it has forgotten, this will help you understand these patterns to remember the Past.

Is the Past that we wish it to be? Do not forget that the Past is appraised. The memory is either joyful or sad. And this will determine the story about the Past, especially when your sources are personal stories.